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Standard Vitae Visual Membership

Standard Vitae Visual $396 – Single Payment (Click here to select 3 payment installments option)

We will provide you with the guidelines for you to upload your video clips and supporting documents. We will use your submission to create an outstanding Vitae Visual.

  1. Register an account by completing a profile questionnaire. your completed questionnaire will assist us with producing your Vitae Visual
  2. Make the payment in full or you may select payment plan options. Once your payment is made in full, you will move on to STEP 3
  3. You will receive your guidelines to record up to 5 video clips
  4. Record your video clips, log in to your account and upload them to your account
  5. Upload supplemental documents onto your account. You will be able to update your answers at any time, as many times as you want
  6. VOILA! You will receive your creative Vitae Visual in 5-7 business days