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How Vitae Visual Started

A Vitae Visual is an entertaining, documentary-style video resume capturing what’s on a resume and other qualities that can’t be seen on a resume. Vitae Visual’s founder had a series of dreams in 2016. The first two dreams she dismissed, but then after the third dream, the vision was clear and Vitae Visual was born. She worked in several leadership positions in human resources and public relations in the last sixteen years. During the Covid pandemic, while many employers and applicants were working from home, she quickly realized that it was time to introduce Vitae Visual to the world.

The Purpose of Vitae Visual

After spending several years in human resources, she witnessed how an email address, the name on a resume, a home address, and the name of an educational institution on a resume has kept applicants from being considered for positions in which they were otherwise qualified. The Vitae Visual team is sure to not only just capture what is on a resume, but also the other beautiful qualities and assets an applicant has to offer that can not be seen on a resume. Vitae Visual allows the opportunity for employers to see the person behind the resume. Our hope is that an entertaining, tech filled, colorful video resume will allow employers to see and hear more of an applicant’s qualities because people are more than the printed ink on a resume. Lastly, our goal is to provide applicants with custom career advice. Our advice is based on the individual’s assets and career goals. In developing a plan to reach a career goal, it is not one size fit all.