College Partnerships

College Partnerships

Partnership Team

Our College Partnership Team consist of professional career counselors and creative videographers. Our career counselors are human resource leaders and recruiters in the areas of education, nonprofit, government, and private sector and our videographers are some of the top award winning digital producers in the industry.


  • By standard, each recorded digital resume, or Vitae Visual, will include at least three great things about the student’s college experience. The student will use the Vitae Visual to apply for jobs and they will share it on their social media. This equates to free advertising every time a student’s Vitae Visual is viewed. Imagine how all the good news about your college shared just by one student, now imagine if hundreds of your students sharing their Vitae Visual.
  • Your student socialize with the very people who is your direct target for enrollments. Their Vitae Visual will advertise directly to them. This means enrollments will increase.
  • Typically the career services departments a higher learning institutions do not customize career counseling to fit each student. More often, career service departments use self-help tools for students to use on their own. Our counselors will meet with each student virtually, due to Covid, and provide them a plan to help them reach their career goals. It is our mission to increase the school’s placement percentages by assisting the students in finding career opportunities within their field of study right after graduation. We feel the best way to do that is customizing each student’s plan based on their individual attributes.
  • We will be housing all of the Vitae Visuals recorded in a database for employers to search and use for their hiring purposes. Your school will have its own section/title. For example, an employer will click on the University of Greatness to display all of the University of Greatness’ recorded Vitae Visuals. In essence, your students Vitae Visuals will be searched by employers for their hiring needs.
  • We include on camera or paper a scan-over of the student’s references in the Vitae Visual. One of the student’s references could be one their professors. In the introduction of the professor will give acknowledgement to the professor’s college, project, college’s goal etc. This means advertising additional good news!
  • We can provide our services at no cost to the school.


Account Manager(s) and Videographer(s) will be assigned specifically to your school. How many of each is determined by the size of your school. We would need access to your students whether it’s having the ability to send them emails, conducting career service seminars on campus, and/or allowing us to have visibility on campus where possible.


We can provide our services at no cost to the school!

  1. The student will register for our services on our interactive site
  2. Meet with the student to discuss the Vitae Visual and confirm a date, place and time to record
  3. Record the Vitae Visual. The finished Vitae Visual is sent to the student within 5 business days
  4. Student receives their 30 minute counseling session. Through the registration process, the counselor will be equipped ahead of the counseling meeting

To set up a consultation, please fill out the form below. We will get in touch with you within one business day.

College Partnership Consultation Request

College Partnership Consultation Request